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About Will-Pharma

Will-Pharma is a pharmaceutical company whose objective is to place original and quality products on the market.

Will-Pharma is characterised by a flexible structure and simple hierarchy, which is favourable for communication and decision making. This facilitates perpetual efficiency, which benefits health professionals and patients.

Will-Pharma markets drugs and para-pharmaceutical products, which are derived from partnerships with other companies.
With its head offices in the three countries of Benelux, Will-Pharma has more than 90 years of experience in the development and sale of drugs, medical devices, cosmetics and food supplements.

Company history

In 1924, Ludwig Frederich Will founded the Will group's first company: L.F. Will and Co., in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
In the early thirties Will established a pharmaceutical department. Today, Will-Pharma has more than 90 years of experience in developing and marketing original pharmaceuticals (ethical as well as OTC-products).  Will-Pharma also exports its products to different countries around the world.

Sector and activities:

Will-Pharma is an independent pharmaceutical company. Its four entities are spread across the BENELUX-countries. Its product portfolio is made of both ethical and OTC products. Its Marketing and Sales division is very important with a sales force of 30 medical and pharmaceutical representatives, who promote and market our range of pharmaceutical products. Will-Pharma distributes its own products as well as Daiichi-Sankyo’s products.
Will-Pharma Belgium
  • Address: Rue du Manil, 80 - 1301 Wavre
  • Phone: +32 (0)10 24 38 38
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